Zoomversation Intermediate (Hector)

Zoomversation Intermediate (Hector)

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1. Pre-Course

1.1: Welcome Video!

1.2: ZV Superhero Missions!

1.3: Object of the Day

2. Key Course Information

2.1: Course Objectives

2.2: Course Timeline

2.3: Course days and times

3. Live Class ({time, days})

3.1: Live Class Link

4. Lesson 1: Introductions ({date})

4.1: (PRE) Useful Language: Introductions

4.2: (PRE) Topic Introduction Video

4.3: (Present) Lesson 1 Recording

5. Lesson 2: Superhero Missions ({date})

5.1: (PRE) Useful Language: Superhero Missions

5.2: (PRE) Topic & Object of the Day

5.3: (Present) Lesson 2 Recording

6. Lesson 3: Intro to Zoomversation Games ({date})

6.1: (PRE) Useful Language: Present Tenses

6.2: (PRE) Topic & Object of the Day

6.3: (Present) Lesson 3 Recording

7. Lesson 4: Teamwork makes the Dream Work ({date})

7.1: (PRE) Useful Language: Teamwork

7.2: (PRE) Topic & Object of the Day

7.3: (PRE) New Game: Spontaneous Story

7.4: (Present) Lesson 4 Recording

8. Lesson 5: Video Challenges ({date})

8.1: (PRE) Useful Language: Introducing Yourself

8.2: (PRE) Topic & Object of the Day

8.3: Video: Why the video challenge?

8.4: (Present) Lesson 5 Recording

8.5: (POST) Explanation: Video Challenge #1 (Introduce yourself)

9. Lesson 6: Likes & Dislikes ({date})

9.1: (PRE) Useful Language

9.2: (PRE) Topic & Object of the Day

9.3: (Present) Lesson 6 Recording

9.4: (POST) Explanation: Video Challenge #2 (Something you like & don't like)

 Laura O


My name is Laura and I'm from a town called Harrogate in the North of England, near Leeds and York. I'm an English teacher and I have been working and living in Valencia for 3 years now. I love living here because of the weather, the food, the friendly people and the relaxed way of life. 

In my free time, I enjoy swimming, cooking, travelling and hanging out with my friends. My mum and dad live in England but they love travelling and coming to visit me in Valencia. I also have one older sister, who lives in Australia, and lots of cousins, aunties and uncles.