Zoomversation Teachers

Zoomversation Teachers

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1. Training Videos

1.1: Zoomversation Basics

1.2: Zoomversation Basics Quiz

1.3: Zoomversation Games

1.4: Zoomversation Games Quiz

1.5: Zoomversation Lesson Plans & Structure

1.6: ZV Lesson Plans & Structure Quiz

1.7: Motivating Students

1.8: Technical Tips

1.9: Tips per Level

1.10: Setting up the Zoom Call

1.11: Extra Zoom Tips

2. Lesson Plans (Block 2)

2.1: Lesson Plans - Beginners

2.2: Lesson Plans - Intermediate

2.3: Lesson Plans - Advanced

3. Zoomversation Games

3.1: Zoomversation Games Explanation

3.2: Video Example: Object of the Day


3.3: Video Example: 20 Questions


3.4: Video Example: Word Association


3.5: Video Example: The Chain Game


3.6: Video Example: Rhyme Time


3.7: Video Example: Name 3...


3.8: Video Example: Spontaneous Story


3.9: Video Example: This or That?


3.10: Video Example: Fact or Fiction?


3.11: Video Example: Situation Game


3.12: Video Example: 15-second Challenge


3.13: Video Example: Zoomy Zoomy


3.14: Video Example: And I...


3.15: Video Example: Descriptions


3.16: Video Example: Shopping List


3.17: Video Example: What are you doing?

3.18: Video Example: Top That

3.19: Video Example: Excuses

3.20: Video Example: Alphabet

3.21: Video Example: What's the Question?

 Laura O


My name is Laura and I'm from a town called Harrogate in the North of England, near Leeds and York. I'm an English teacher and I have been working and living in Valencia for 3 years now. I love living here because of the weather, the food, the friendly people and the relaxed way of life. 

In my free time, I enjoy swimming, cooking, travelling and hanging out with my friends. My mum and dad live in England but they love travelling and coming to visit me in Valencia. I also have one older sister, who lives in Australia, and lots of cousins, aunties and uncles.